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Each selection is a masterful showcase of each performer’s vocal prowess and undeniable audience connection. Both and Hannah have truly magnificent voices that soar with power and yet are still so tender to the ear. The harmonies between the sisters are unmatched in pitch and resonance, and their sound is as stunning as the lavish gowns they unveil throughout an evening’s performance.

While both and Hannah have accomplished much in their careers performing with some of the most premier commercial entertainment venues in the US, it was only natural to combine their talents into one classical crossover tour-de-force.

VIVA DIVA stars soprano-singing sisters  and Hannah Timm, proving that divas aren’t made; they’re born. Their show is an evening of operatic and classical music that has reemerged to voracious audiences who’ve yearned for its return. Following in the footsteps of “popera” standouts like Andrea Bocelli and Il Divo, VIVA DIVA stakes its claim for a woman’s return to center stage.


and Hannah, together and in separate turns in the glitzy spotlight, deliver a host of foreign language favorites and soprano standards that their fans have come to expect, and they don't disappoint. Even more impressive are the new arrangements of popular hits, American standards and radio mainstays that have been brought new life through the soaring sounds of and Hannah Timm.

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