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Daniel Gorham

Michael Fisher

Matt Macis

Wes Wise

VERY MANILOW not only highlights the massive hit catalogue of the 1970s and 80s, but also features many of the "Fanilow" favorites from Barry's more recent albums paying tribute to Frank Sinatra, big band music, his hometown of New York City, and of course many of the memorable renditions from "The Greatest Hits of the..." series.

I Write the Songs, Copacabana, Can't Smile Without You, Mandy... These are just a handful of the several dozen hit singles that have made Barry Manilow a staple of radio airplay since 1974. VERY MANILOW pays tribute to the distinct style and sound of the 70s pop crooner, by combining careful detail to the musical icon's ballads and the extravagant showmanship of his still in-demand live concert performances.

Yes, featured performer Matt Macis DOES play piano in the show... This tribute to Manilow strives to replicate the music and passion delivered each and every night by the legend himself.

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